Which would you pic… Black Jumbo Patent or Black Jumbo Caviar?

  1. Oh gees, help!
    I like these both equally and can only get one.:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    Which would you pick?

    Thank you – I really appreciate your thoughts!
  2. drats!
    I meant to post a poll ..but messed up.:s
    Does anyone know if I can add one - or is it too late?
  3. They are both beautiful...however, I would go for the caviar...just more my style I guess :yes:
  4. I'm in the same *dilemma*!

    I think I might prefer the black patent ... black caviar seems a little more dowdy.
  5. oh I like both for different reasons.
    I love the extra pop of the patent and read in a thread here that it was just as durable as the caviar:tup:

    But I also love the caviar for the classic timeless look :tup:
  6. I'd pick the patent!It's stunning !:yes:
  7. do you guys think the patent will have a price increase?
  8. I'm afraid it will,if they keep on releasing it and it is not like a kind of limited!
    I was told some months ago the C/bs won't get it ,but I don't know for the future!IMO if they rerelease it again for the boutiques it will probably have a higher price!Euro is going dramatically up!if you made up your mind on this get it as soon as possible!
  9. I love my jumbo black patent! It's such a standout bag. The black caviar is also very nice, and is more classic.

    Now is a great time to jump on the jumbo since it is only seasonal, caviar is always available any time, especially in black. :yes:

    Get the black patent now while it's still $2,395. I have a feeling it will get increased in December.
  10. Oh I had no idea its seasonal.
    Thank you :smile:
  11. Does anyone know the price in Euro? Thanks.
  12. As much as i love the black patent, i somehow thought that the black caviar would last longer as it's a real classic *kwim*

    But u really couldn't go wrong with either..

    :heart: :heart:
  13. I would go with patent...so glossy and rich!
  14. I got the jumbo caviar but I love the patent also.. if this is your first buy the caviar...patent is so stunning...but i just think caviar is more timeless

  15. ITA!:tup: