Which would you like better? Light Blue Houston Vernis or Marshmallow Reade MM?

  1. Need some help ! Which would you pick & why...

    A Marshmallow Vernis MM Reade ( by the way, what does MM mean ) or a light baby blue Vernis Houston? I am looking at both and don't know which I like better. I let a Beige Vernis Houston go today because I thought the color might be just a little too light. Was I wrong to let her go....? :cry:

    Thanks for any thoughts....

    For you LV lovers & your help :flowers:
  2. I believe MM has to do with the size, but I could be wrong. I have a beige bedford (I think it's beige) and I love the color. I think its a perfect neutral.
  3. MM:medium
    PM: small
    GM: Big
  4. :sad: *Sigh* I hope the Beige Houston went to a god home... She was a *Cutie* too :love: .... maybe she went to a PH LV lover & she is going to a home with other little LV's to play with LOL..
  5. I think beige color is very beautiful
    But I personally like darker shade for vernis line (not noticeable when t got stains)
  6. MM - moyen model

    I love the word moyen for some odd reason...

    I actually would've picked beige because blue doesn't match everything that I wear. But blue is perfect for the summer, it just doesn't look too great if there are any discolorations cause it turns greenish. Not to the point where it's peppermint though. The reade MM is pretty deep IMO. depends on how deep you like your bags. I think the reade pm is the perfect size.
  7. I prefer the beige one, even if the colour is delicate and prone to transfers. I think it's such a cute bag !
  8. I prefer the Houston over the Reade pm.
  9. I've got the bronze bedford and I LOVE the colour:love: , but I always loved the look of the Marshmallow Vernis MM Reade .
  10. i prefer the blue Houston. i just can't stand the shape of the Reade MM.
  11. I've never seen a Reade MM or GM... what do they look like? Just like the PM but bigger??
  12. I love the marshmallow!
  13. Reade MM is same width as the PM but longer. The GM is actually proportionate. I'm actually tryin to find one but they're discontinued =(
  14. I love the marshmallow!