Which Would You Keep??

  1. I like all three of these bags but don't really NEED to keep all of them! I'm looking for opinions. I think I'll keep just one of the three. I have punch accessories already so if I do return the punch stripe demi, I'll still have those. The Carlys fit on my shoulder while the Signature Stripe Demi falls off too easily. I like the signature w/ the angora but I also could use a small black purse. So, any opinions to help me make my decision? Thanks!
    macy's leather carly demi.jpg macy's signature carly demi.jpg macy's signature stripe demi punch.jpg
  2. I vote for the leather Carly!!
  3. leather carly, keep it
  4. another leather carly vote!
  5. Leather Carly vote #4!
  6. Keep the leather Carly!:yes:
  7. leather carly!
  8. signature carly!
  9. I like the leather carly best.
  10. Leather Carly Leather will always be in style
  11. I vote for either Carly, but if you could use a black one, keep the leather.
  12. leather carly...it's so classic and will go with anything!
  13. i vote for the leather carly
  14. Thanks, everyone! Well, I'm keeping the black leather carly demi! I know I'll get a lot more use out of it! I love the punch stripe but the strap doesn't stay on my shoulder well enough. I still have my accessories! The Carly really does look great in black too! :love: It's really hard to be practical though and not keep everything! LOL!