Which would you keep?

  1. Belles de Mexique in the white/brown color way or Danse du Cosmos in the same color way?

    I need to simplify my life...........
  2. ....and I don't EVEN want to get started on all the BLACK scarves......
  3. I like the danse du cosmo more because it is a softer, more classic style to me.Both are lovely:yes:
  4. Belles...I love that one!!! :heart:
  5. I love Belles de Mexique!!!
  6. I think the Belles is more intricate and beautiful to tie.
  7. keep both.... you may not be able to get it later if you have a change of mind
  8. belles. hands down.
  9. shopmom, I have both just like you. I bought the Danse du Cosmos after fallin in love with yours. And set out to get the Belles de Mexique in fuschia but when the Belles de Mexique in sepia came along, I bought it. And I can't bear to let either of them go. I personally think the Danse du Cosmos is a piece of art. So elegant, so flowy. So what I'm going to do, is to plisse my Belles de Mexique!
  10. I like both very much and wouldn't part with either, but if forced, would keep the Danse du Cosmos.
  11. As much as I appreciate Belles....I'd vote for Danse but I am biased....it was my first H scarf and in plisse....:heart:
  12. OMG!!!!!! That's an EXCELLENT idea! Plisse one of them!!!!!!

    You guys are the best.......
  13. I prefer Dance du cosmos too, and that's the one I kept. Belles in sepia was too strong for me.
  14. I also have both and think you should streamline somewhere else--I like the plisse idea--do it to belles.
  15. Can you please post pics?