Which would you keep? Rambler or Saddle 24


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Jun 7, 2020
I haven't bought a new coach in many years, but love them and usually just buy one and wear it out! I currently have both of these bags and am trying to decide which one to keep. I love glovtanned leather and accent stitching and love each of these for their own reasons and can not decide! Which would you keep and why? Rambler crossbody or Saddle 24?
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Jan 24, 2018
I haven't seen these in person so I can't really vote. Since you have them both, I would have fun trying them on, and deciding which has the features you like, the ease of use or whatever matters for you. Which one do you like seeing in the mirror or in mod shots? I prefer removable straps, and I really love the look of turn lock closures. I want the flap to be easy to handle. But I think the best way to decide is to wear it with your items in it and see how you feel wearing it and reaching in to get your items out.
Dec 26, 2017
I would keep the Rambler as the style is simple and can be dressed up or down. Personally I am not keen on saddle style bags (but that is just my opinion!)


Jun 24, 2019
I own the rambler and my mom has the saddle bag I say go with rambler the saddle bag doesn’t hold as much and the rambler has a more classic look and can dressed up or down.


Apr 3, 2018
To me the rambler is a more traditional functional style and I prefer the turnlock closure.

The saddle 24 is perhaps a little edgier but if I recall has fewer pockets and the tab closure made me not consider it. It also has the option of easily changing out the strap to dress up or style the bag. I recall some people reporting chipping issues with the darker finish metals like black copper or gunmetal; you might consider that, too.

So I think it depends on what you want your bag to be:
more classic and practical versus more trendy and convertible.