Which would you keep out of these two?


Pale Grey Swing or Dark Grey MAC

  1. Swing

  2. MAC

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    I really want to keep my bag count down, but I keep buying. :biggrin: I have two MACs
    and 1 Swing in my collection with another Swing I'm trying to decide if I should
    keep or not. I've decided I should either keep the Swing or one of my MACs
    because I just won't rotate 2 Swings and 2 Macs enough (especially with my MJ Single in the mix).

    I have a black Swing and a Black Ink Mac that I'm keeping.

    So, would you keep the Dark Grey MAC or the Pale Grey Swing? Both have silver hw.



    Here's a pic of my dark grey mac and my black ink mac side by side. Gives a good idea of how
    close they are to each other.

  2. I personally prefer the MAC, but I have never owned a Swing.
  3. I voted to keep the Swing. Dark Gray MAC is gorgeous, but the color is similar to Black MAC, whereas Pale Gray Swing is quite a bit different than Black Swing. Plus, the pale gray gives you an option beyond the Black Swing and Black Single when dressing up for events. So, for variety's sake, I vote to keep the Pale Gray Swing.
  4. MAc all the way !!
  5. Swing! You can dress this up or down :smile:
  6. Swing! I think the dark grey MAC looks similar to what you have already, and the Swing is a little more dressier if you want it to be. :smile:
  7. Do you have two swings? What is the color of the other?
  8. The Swing I already own is black.
  9. Mac!
  10. MAC!! I think it's more versatile than the Swing.
  11. I voted swing -- I totally agree with what eehlers said!
  12. wow, this is a tough decision! normally i'd say MAC but that was until i discovered swing! so now i'd have to say SWING! besides, i agree... the dark gray is very similar to the black MAC! :p
  13. MAC all the way!
  14. I voted swing on this pole although I prefer MAC over Swing.
    I think ink MAC and DG MAC are very similar color.
  15. hey sandy, can you please help me out with my questions on the Black Mac clutch since I think you have the knowledge? I am confused.