which would you keep.....matinee in glazed expresso or MAM in tangerine?

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  1. I really don't know what to do-i already have a night/gold mab and just got a matinee in glazed expresso and a mam in tangerine-i am going to return either the tangerine or expresso just not sure which one. Do you think the expresso is to dark for the summer?
    which one would you return?
  2. :love: keep the mantinee :love:
  3. How do you feel about the matinee? Up to this point I have only 2 MAMs and one on the way. I am only 5'4" so I am not sure if it is too big for me? I love the new night with dark spot Matinee on LB! How does it compare to your MAM?
  4. i actually like the style of the matinee better then the mam and mab bags it's just a bit more unique but i'm not sure if i could use the expresso in the summer-well i guess i could-not like someone could stop me:smile:
  5. I use whatever, whenever... but really do like either a lighter or brighter color in the warmer months however, it will not stop me from using my black basketweave MAM this summer...:yahoo:
  6. Keep both. The dark for winter and the other for Summer. If you can't keep both then I would keep the tangerine
  7. I would keep the tangerine since it is a better color for the summer - then buy a darker color later when its closer to the fall.
  8. I really like the tangerine. Not only for the summer, i think its a great fall color too. It is one of my fave RM colors! I'd keep that and get a matinee in another color in the future ;)

    The glazed expresso is a great year round neutral, but RM makes a lot of great neutral colors! Maybe you should just keep both ;)
  9. Between these two, I would keep the Matinee. I love it in the espresso color!
  10. It's a tough decision. If I were you, I would keep the matinee for the difference..I think that with Glaze, I think that it can be good for summer...
  11. Wow, that is a tough one! Sorry, just wanted to say I love them both and they are both so different...either bag is perfect for the summer but you can use the matinee year round.