Which would you get?

  1. I find myself making a lot of small trips that really don't involve taking a purse with me because I will be in and out in less than a minute (like a drug store, pet food store, etc).

    I was thinking that the Pochette Cles would be a great way to take just keys and debit/cc and driver's license with me.

    If you had to choose, which line would get? The Monogram Perfo collection or the Groom collection?

    I really like both, but was thinking if I'm just going to be either carrying or putting the Cles in my back pocket, maybe the Groom might not be an good idea because the Groom caricature will rub off.

    I'd love other member's opinions to help narrow down my decision. Thanks!
  2. I wish I could help, but I am a bag lady - the bigger the better. I have some smaller purses but they are just pretty much taking up space in my closet...Wish I could be of assisstance, but I know others will be able to repsond and give you the kind of answers you are looking for!!!
  3. There are several cute things will work. The perfo and charms cles hold a little more.

    Wapitys, mini pouchette, the new multicles rabat are cute.

    Lastly, my new favorite. Pouchette tikal!

  4. I take my Damier Cles in with me when I shop because I like my hands relatively free. I carry a debit card, AmEx Card, Visa, spare bills and a couple of coins in mine. Plus what-ever receipts I might get. I have my car keys, house keys, work keys and rental unit keys all on it also. Cles is the best piece in the LV line as far as I'm concerned. I love it! I also have a couple of others that I own, but Damier is my everyday one!
  5. I really like the Perfo Cles (I have one in green) I'm not too fond of the yellow on the Groom Cles but that's just me.
  6. I have both the perfo cles and the groom cles. I think that the perfo cles is a better choice for you because it's slightly larger and will handle wear much better than the groom cles.
  7. I love the groom cles, and I think the yellow in groom is wonderful! So bright and cheery. I think it has more lasting power than the perfo cles in terms of style. Something about the perfo line turns me off... the holes in it remind me of athletic jerseys plus the neon colors :yucky: Sorry perfo fans but Marc Jacobs was really on something when he came up with that.
  8. ITA. :yes:
  9. I would not be able to put my keys in a cles. But, between the two choices listed, I would have to say Perfo.
  10. I vote for Perfo cles, it's bigger and I like the look better!:yes:
  11. yep-perfo-bigger, fits more.
  12. Definately the perfo cles, it should take more wear and tear. If you wanted to go bigger then get the wapity, great for buzy shopping trips.:flowers:
  13. personally, I would grab something from the groom collection. I just think hes soooo cute haha
  14. OK, I think I'm going to go with the Perfo. I did notice that it is bigger and I like that option. Also, I'd clip my keys on to the chain strap. I think I'd be too worried that I'd rub the Groom's face off pretty quickly!

    Now, the hard part is deciding to go with oragne or green! Help me pick!

    Can you tell I am so indecisive? Drives my husband nuts! :amuse:
  15. def. the perfo....