which would you get

  1. :smile:Help, trying to choose between getting the mono cles & 4 key holder, or the zippy coin purse? what do you think
  2. I would get the mono cles & 4 key holder (in Vernis or MC). The zippy coin purse is cute but I can't imagine NOT having my 4 key holder.
  3. I would get the zippie.
  4. mono cles :yahoo:
  5. Zippy coin purse!
  6. i would get the cles and the key holder
  7. I'd get the Mono Cles & 4 KeyHolder.
  8. zippy
  9. i think cles is more veritile... i am able to fit my cellphone and credit cards and bills in one of them
  10. :okay:thankyou for your help, I went to louis vuitton tonight and tryed my keys in the cles and four key holder but my car key and remote wont fit in either bummed! so i got the zippy coin purse I have the zippy organizer and love it but is to large sometimes in my Beverly mm and alma so this fits much nicer.
  11. Congrats on the Zippy.. Please be sure to post photos!!!!