Which would you get?

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  1. So it's time for a new bag...

    I've thinking of the Trish in black or Chili


    A Quilted Multi Pocket in Petrol

    Which would you get?
  2. prolly the trish...i don't like quilted MP for some reason...
  3. i really looove the trish- but i know of a quilted mp for a great deal... im trying to be strong, but i'm such a sucker for a sale.
  4. ohh...i understand completely!

    i almost ordered a MbyMJ the other day just because it was on sale...i already had it in my shopping card entering my cc # and i was like wait do i really want this bag...I had to take another look and it was a really cute bag...but i didn't want it. but it was only like 298 i think..and the sale almost drew me in!!

    stay strong if the trish is really the one you want!!
  5. Oh-the quilted multi pocket hands down-love quilted!
  6. or... a small quilted bowler in bronze?

    if anyone have photos modeling these bags i would love to see them :smile:
  7. the trish ...
  8. Trish, I think it's more versatile than the chain strap MP. You can carry the trish as a satchel or use the strap on the shoulder.
  9. Agreed.
  10. I agree with the above 2 posts that the Trish is more versatile, but I have one word of caution. I've been lusting after that bag for months and happened to see one at NM. It is pretty dang large and for some reason, the spherical shape in such a large size made me not lust after it quite so much. Try to see it IRL before you buy...I decided to pick something different after I did. Having said that, I still think the design and colors of the Trish are really gret looking. There...did that help you with your decision? NOT!
  11. trish... or a regular multi pocket. I dont like the quilted versions
  12. I don't like the quilted mp with the chain handle. I just htink it will dig your shoulder after a while. I would go with the Trish in chili!
  13. Trish! And don't be swayed by the sale price... I can't tell you how many times I got something I sort of liked because it was on sale, and never used it. And then spent more buying the thing I really wanted at full price!
    Plus the Trish is really really adorable and more practical (the MP chain strap sort of worries me) than the MP, IMO.
  14. and def not the bowler... the bronze will rub off after a while, that would drive me mad.
  15. thanks everyone- all good points. i think i was feeling the sales more than the other two bags, so i've decided on the TRISH!! now i just have to find one...

    here's a photo of me with the trish i sold in chili. :sad: