Which would you get (what will go with more)?

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Which one goes with more- which should I get?

  1. crimson patent (red is my favorite color)

  2. cobalt patent (silver hardware that I prefer)

  3. mahogany leather (gorgeous)

  4. none of the above- it will probably bug you if it did in the store

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  1. I have seen all of these gorgeous reveals of the Madison shoulder bag and now I am thinking maybe I shouldn't have passed it by. I was a little put off by how it flopped over a little when my stuff was in it and it sat on the counter. Is there a way to get over that? Maybe a purse insert or ?

    Or should I get patent- does the patent bag flop over like the leather?

    The leather looks gorgeous and feels so nice, but crimson is calling to me. I have never had a non-neutral color bag before though so I am nervous. I usually prefer silver hardware too.

    So should I pass on this bag all together, get crimson patent, cobalt patent or mahogany?

    I have a silver patent large Zoe, black croc carryall, LV mono Neverfull. (keep buying and selling so I am down to bare minimum now)
  2. i like the bag, i love brass hardware so i would get the crimson or the mahogony!!! they are such gorgeous colors. i am at my lowest as far as collection goes as well! ive had to sell. i think the color will be nice,and it does really go with alot. good luck!-:smile:
  3. Though I love the color of the crimson the smooth patent bothers me...yet suprisingly it does not seem to bother the majority of others here. I say that you should go into the store and try your things in the patent crimson and see if it still "flops" or if you like the smooth patent. If both these work out then I say get the crimson.
  4. I don't think anyone can tell you what you are going to like. If you are picky about the hardware color and how the bag sits when you are not wearing it, the only way for you to decide is to go to the store and try them out for yourself. I own this bag in the purple gathered leather and the crimson patent and I LOVE them both. They look great on or off and they feel so good on the shoulder and against the body. The gathered leather bag sits nicely because of the way the bottom is finished and the top and handles flop slightly depending on how full it it. I am currently using the crimson and I can tell you that she stands up and does not flop over when I put her down. It is definitely a stiffer bag at this point. Stiffer but still flexible and comfortable. I think the brass hardware gives the deep crimson a great POP that you just wouldn't get from the silver. I have bags with all kinds of hardware colors and I never feel I need to match the hardware to my jewelry. We all have our own comfort zone when it comes to these things so only you can make that call. Good luck making a decision! :smile:
  5. Crimson Patent. I love the color. It is gorgeous.
  6. Its a toss up for me since I have the crimson and the mahogany, I love both colors... the leather does slouch more but thats because the leather is so soft and smooth... it still is gorgeous and has a really nice slouch to it. If your worried more about structure I'd say get the crimson patent. I mean its your decision and what you think you'd wear more of. G/L!
  7. Unfortunately they didn't have patent in the store for me to see if it flops or not. I love the idea of how soft and smooth the leather is, but don't like the idea of how it flops. I tried the black one in the store (didn't see mahogany in the store).

    I guess I can always order crimson and see how I like it in my house then return if it doesn't work for me.
  8. I also voted crimson. I prefer silver hardware too, but the crimson and brass are beautiful together. Every time I carry my crimson Sophia at least one person comments on how pretty the color is.
  9. Thanks for your input ladies. I think I am going to pass on this one. I just saw online that it doesn't zip all the way across so between that and some of the other things, it will probably just end up bugging me too much. BOO :sad:

    I hope they come out with something else in crimson patent soon
  10. Yeah, I don't like that the shoulder bag does not have a full zip closure either..Do you like the Crimson Sophia or does it not work for you??Too bad the red alexandra is exclusive to the china website..Well, hope you can find a red bag that will work for you;)
  11. Sophia doesn't work for me unfortunately. I would have LOVED to have that red patent Alexandra!
  12. My vote is for the Mahogany in leather.
  13. I hate to say this but if it bugged you at the store with you stuff in it than it will bug you when you get it.. The ones that do not sag are the gathered ones...