which would you get? pochette mm or mc wapity??


what to do, what to do??

  1. return vernis cles get pochette mm

  2. keep vernis cles get mc wapity

  3. forget pochette mm/mc wapity, keep cash for another bag

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  1. So I have been debating whether or not to get the pochette mm or the mc wapity. Now this is why I'm having such a hard time deciding. I want something quick to put my cc/cash in and take on the go to go pick up my kids or run a quick errand when I don't want to bring my purse. I already have a mono cles and I've used it about 3 times (a little too small).

    So I just got a new vernis le cles in pomme for this purpose but haven't used that either since I just got it on Sat (I exchanged the amarante one for it).

    the pochette mm can fit my current phone (fusic) but I'll be getting an iphone in july and it will fit that as well - but if I get this, do I really need the vernis cles as well??

    the wapity fits my current phone too but will not fit an iphone but it fits my camera.

    the vernis cles just fits my cc/cash

    So I could get the pochette mm and return the vernis cles or I can keep the vernis cles and get a wapity to store my camera in. OR, I can keep the vernis cles and forget about the pochette mm & wapity and keep that cash to apply towards a bag in April when I go to Vegas.



    lvpochettemm.JPG lvwapity.JPG lvlecles.JPG
  2. keep the cles, get the wapity!
  3. I love the pochette mm in black multicolor.
  4. Sounds like what you really need is the Pochette MM ... I have it in black and it's perfect for what you need it for!
  5. Keep the cles and get a wapity....they are so cute.
  6. I have the pochette mm in white and use it for that very same purpose. I have the MC zippy wallet and it holds everything, but I love having the pochette for just my license, 2 major cc's,my razor phone and my keys. When its raining, I leave my bag in the car and just carry the pochette.( I also have the new pomme cles, but it is more confining and doesnt hold as much as the pochette.I dont own a wapity; it is cute and does have a strap, but it looks like it would take up a lot more room in your bag. Good luck deciding!
  7. I lvoe the MC wapity!!
  8. I have the pochette mm in black multicolor and I love it!
  9. I'd keep the Cles and get an MC Wapity .... :tup:
  10. the pochette mm is my favortie out of all of those and is the most practical for you!
  11. I'd go for the Pochette MM, seems more practical than the wapity. I have a MC wapity but somehow, I just can't fit too much stuff in it.
  12. if I get the pochette mm, do I still need the vernis cles??

    I love the pomme color and want to keep it but I don't see a NEED to keep both, KWIM?

    I guess I could always keep the vernis cles since it's LE and save up to get a pochette mm sometime later this year
  13. keep vernis cles get mc wapity, the Cles is LE and the Wapity is so funtional.
  14. cles & wapity !
  15. i don't have any MC pieces but i really like the MC pochette mm. :drool: it's so pretty IRL and it seems like it would fit into a bag easier. the wapity is cute but i honestly don't know what i'd use it for..it's too big for just a camera (which is 0.75" thick) and a bit awkard to fit into most bags (because of its shape). i think the pochette mm would be perfect for quick runs to the store etc (holds cc's, change, cell, etc). or you could use it for other stuff in bigger bags. u mentioned in another post you don't really like vernis, so i'd exchange the vernis pochette cles and get the POCHETTE MM. :yes: it seems like the most functional and is the most to suit your needs