which would you get? Perfo or mono cles??


which cles should I get??

  1. Perfo orange cles

  2. Monogram cles

  3. something different and what??

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  1. So I wanted a cles for extra credit cards and would soo love to have a cerises one but since I can't exactly go to a boutique and buy one, I thought of maybe getting a perfo one - thinking it would be cool to have a LE item.

    I have a manhattan pm with beige lining and a coussin with red lining, should I get an orange perfo cles or a regular mono cles?? Which would match better??

    BTW, I already bought a mono cles but have not used it yet and still within the return/exchange time period.
  2. i'd say te perfo!
  3. i think the perfo is ugly! stick to the one u have or get the Groom :smile:
  4. have you considered a Pomme D'Amour Cles? the rich red would be a fantastic contrast to your Monogram bags :yes:

    im not the biggest fan of Perfo nor Groom, but if you want a LE Cles, get the Goom. it doesn't have holes!
  5. i love Grrom or heart vernis coin..

    limited and so cute
  6. get a groom or azur:love:
  7. ITA!! :yes:
  8. If you're only going to use it for extra cards i'd go with the perfo. If you are going to switch and use it everyday i'd go with the groom or vernis.

    the perfo is a little better the mono so it will hold more.
  9. The perfo, it is a little bigger.
  10. Mono Cles
  11. Perfo Plat - its roomier than the Cles.
  12. Perfo Cles, roomier and much nicer than the Mono Cles.
  13. No brainer..perfo because it's LE but if you ask me what other choice, Pomme d'amour cles
  14. Keep the mono!
  15. I am really happy with the mono.