Which would you get? mono petit noe or mono papillon 30?


Which would you get, mono petit noe or mono papillon 30?

  1. mono petit noe

  2. mono papillon 30

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  1. I like both bags of course but can't decide which to get in Sep. I decided to pass on getting the red epi speedy bec. my dh told me he didn't like it and thought it was very outfit specific bec. of the color. I am leaning more towards the petit noe. The bags I already have are in the picture in my signature. Thanks for your input!
  2. I love the petite noe...that would be my choice! That would also give you two shoulder bags and two handhelds for your option.
  3. I would go with the papillon 30. I don't own it yet, but have always loved the shape.
  4. I prefer the shape of the papillon 30 although the petit noe is alot for comfortable on the shoulders.
  5. Thanks for your replies/votes guys. I already have a change of heart and am thinking epi again, lol, maybe a black alma. No more responses are needed, thanks again!
  6. I love the Papillon 30, that's my next bag in damier. Good luck!!!
  7. Pap 30, after own some PEtit Now in any materials, I feel bored ;)
  8. Papillon, I dont like that plain bottom on the Noe it would get so dirty. Plus I think the Noe is an old style it needs to be updated.
  9. I have both....and prefer the papillon. I rarely use it because I'm more of a big purse fan..but I do love it for a casual night out on the town
  10. i think the pap- but i am drawn to more structured bags
  11. I voted for pap
  12. lol I voted for Pap until I read your post that now you want an Epi....Lockit?
  13. i think the petit noe is high maintenance due to the vachetta bottom...i opted for the pap 30...but obviously you sound like u prefer the petit noe for...so..get it!
  14. You know I'm all over the place, lol. I was thinking ok, I don't want another mono bag, now I'll go for a black epi alma. And then some hours go by and now I'm wanting the mono papillon 30 AGAIN! Well I've got a whole other month to flip flop over it since I'm not buying it till Sep. I have a feeling I won't get the petit noe either. Who knows, I may even get a recital, lol! I always wanted a great evening bag!
  15. I have a question about the papillon. what's your opinion on the old style vachetta, it was the cross grain leather that they used on the outside instead. For some reason I like the look of it on a papillon. I wonder if I should make that a sep. thread, lol. So now my question is, vachetta style papillon or cross grain leather trim? I plan on getting the bag used on eBay so that's why a vintage one is a possibility.