Which would you get first?

  1. A Damier Saleya PM or a Manhattan PM?
  2. I'd get the Manhattan
  3. saleya
  4. Id get the manhattan. Saleya PM is too small and just not worth it. But Manhattan GM is hard to get in and out of. KWIM.
  5. I vote for the Manhattan.
  6. Since summer is here, I would get the Manhattan first. I don't know about you, but I don't think that I would carry damier too much in the summer - unless it was azur of course!
  7. I prefer the manhattan, I find the saleya too plain, it just looks like an ordinary tote to me, I prefer other damier styles like the duomo and the speedy.
  8. Saleya for me.
  9. Manhattan! :d
  10. I'd get the Saleya PM first. :smile:
  11. :wtf:...

    manhattan pm.

    *runs away..:crybaby:
  12. The Manhattan is absolutely GORGEOUS!
  13. I pick the Manhattan PM.
  14. Damier Saleya PM!
  15. I would get the Manhattan. It's a more fun bag.