Which would you get first out of Red Speedy, BH or Framboise Reade PM?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Here is the Batignolles Horizontal [​IMG]
  3. BH for practicality :yes:
  4. Reade, but I already have one. I'm a tote kind of girl
  5. Your Reade can hold as much as a BH.:love: :love: :love:
  6. BH first, I think its more versatile.
  7. Love my Framboise reade, my girlfriend got a white one cause it is such a great size.
  8. Love the red speedy, in the 30 size.
    I have a 30 epi black speedy, but if someone gave me some money, i'd buy the red in a heartbeat-sooooooooo classic and everyone needs ONE GREAT RED BAG.
  9. I adore the Reade, but I'd get the BH first since the monogram canvas is a lot more versatile than the Framboise vernis
  10. BH or Epi Speedy... not a big fan of the Reade PM - but the colour is lovely :amuse:
    BH is probably the most versatile.
  11. i love them all, but probably the BH
  12. Bh!
  13. red speedy..BH and won't get reade because I have reade in red already..
  14. Reade
  15. If you want the red speedy with the gold hardware, I suggest you get that first since they recently changed their epi hardware to palladium (silver colored). I like the red epi with gold much better.
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