Which would you get? CL Peep toe or Manolo Sedraby Silver?

  1. Ok, so I have been a posting maniac today-so thank you all for your advice. I love this shoe forum as much as I love the purse forum.

    These are the two shoes I have been debating at getting. Both are priced at $899 on eBay, I"ve tried to get the CL at regular price, but to no avail. I may be able to take the sellers down a bit.

    But tell me-
    1. Are they worth the inflated price?
    2. Will the be a timeless style? (since the CL is last fall and Manolo about 2005)
    3. Which would you get if you could only get one?
    4. Or shoudl I wait for the new fall styles?

    I love them both equally :heart:
    Christian Louboutin Peep Toe

    Manolo Blahnik Dorsey-Carries stolen shoe from SATC
  2. 1. I honestly do not think they're worth $900.
    2. They're both pretty classic, in my opinion, but the Louboutins probably are a little more timeless than the Blahniks.
    3. Personally I would get the Blahniks since they're a little more special than the Louboutins. There is a surfeit of black pumps out there anyways! :yes:
    4. If you want something timeless, don't wait. If you want something a little more trendy, then I'd suggest to wait.

    Hope this helps you in this tough decision! Keep us posted as to what your final decision is :heart:
  3. out of the 2, I would get the Manolos
  4. I'm not sure about the price, however the manolo's are an easy choice for me.
  5. They now have come out with the the Sedraby in a sling-

    What do you girls think? BG said that they might get the classic pump back in, I put my name down. But manolo in vegas has the sling back in now.


    The picture Manolo sent was too big to post as an attachment.
  6. The Manolos. I have them and love them.
  7. I would say depends on your lifestyle/preferences. For me I don't like overly-dressy shoes that are too pretty in an "obvious" way, with rhinestone/bling/etc., if you KWIM...? It's kind of hard to explain my Louboutin addiction, but I just love how they PERFECT THE BASIC, CLASSIC pump. I would go with the Louboutin. The Manolo Sedaraby you can call MB boutique in NYC and wait-list for them -- word has it that in March they are expecting another shipment of the silver ones in 4"....it's a classic that they stock every single season, for $645. The Louboutin Prive style is one that CL boutiques will continue for later this year but in different materials -- satin, metallics, etc etc....they don't repeat materials/colors that often unlike MB.
  8. I like the Manolos, but are they hard to keep on?
  9. Go for the manolos girl!
  10. The Manolos! Although if you can order them for $645, like a poster said above, then do that!
  11. I am a total CL hag so of course I say get the CL's, they are so classic!

    shmoo...if you call NM or Saks they can locate the CL's for you, they are not sold out. They retail for around $690. Do not pay $800 + for those prives when you can find them in a dept store for less! I have 2 pairs of them in black leather and leopard and I absolutely love them. It really just depends on which shoe fits into your wardrobe the best and what you feel most comfotable. Good luck with your decision.
  12. My opinions:

    1. No; $900 for a $650 shoe still being produced does not make sense to me.
    2. I think the CL will be more timeless than the Sedarabys.
    3. I wear the Sedarabys. They're two different shoes. I'd say the CL's are more versatile.
    4. :shrugs:
  13. Hi Fendigal,

    They seem to fit different people differently. I wear the 105 mm heel in a half-size smaller than my normal Blahnik pump size, and they fit like they were custom made for me.

    My friend, on the other hand, tried the same thing, and her toes extended beyond the sole and her normal size was too big.
  14. The Silve D'Orsay....!!!

    I have a thing with Manolos :girlsigh:
  15. Ya I am so exicted!! Today was my lucky shoe day, I found the Manolo's in NYC and a pair of Louboutins I even wanted more at the boutique. The Chiffon Peep Toe pump they seem more versatile.

    I know I shouldn't buy both...but these are my dream shoes.

    Now I am on an official shoe ban.:wtf: