which would you get? cabas piano or saleya pm??


which purse should I get??

  1. cabas piano without a wallet

  2. cabas piano w/pochette

  3. saleya pm in damier w/pochette

  4. saleya pm in azur w/pochette (which 866 assures me is avail)

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  1. Ok so I want a bigger bag but can't make up my mind. Here is my dilema.

    If I get the cabas piano, I already have a mono french wallet so I would only be spending $915. But I kinda would like a bigger wallet in it since it's a bigger purse so then I would get the pochette wallet for $495 = $1410.
    Issue - vachetta bottom

    If I get the saleya pm in damier, I would need to get a matching wallet and I would get the pochette wallet which then I would be spending $885 + $495 = $1390. Issue - handles fit on shoulder but not that great, more of a handle bag!

    And if I got the saleya in azur, could I use it year round or do you think it's just a spring/summer bag??

    So give my your opinions please and if any of you own both, can you post comparison pics with it on your shoulder and how much can fit in each. Also online it says the piano has an inside zippered pocket but I thought I read somewhere that it just has a patch pocket............so what does it have??


    Is there a SHOULDER TOTE you guys could recommend that I'm not thinking of?? I want it to be comparible in size to the salyea and piano.
  2. I have the Saleya PM and it's one of my favorite bags in the world, but it's not a "shoulder bag." It's a tote. I love it. Love the chunky gold hardware, the red alcantara lining, the brown leather, the cellphone pocket, etc. It's also much less common than the Cabas.

    But that's just my opinion.
  3. I like the bigger Damier saleya bag. The pm looks too little in my opinion.
  4. I have an azur saleya pm and I love it. It can be carried on the shoulder comfortably, for me, and it also can be carried in my hand. I like its size as it is not too bulky, but fits tons of stuff. The bag is super cute with the fresh azur canvas. I don't know if I will be using it for fall/winter, but it looks perfect now with spring and summer. Hope this helps.
  5. Saleya
  6. Saleya. I don't like the piano at all! And it's so impractical.
  7. I have the piano and love it, but I also want the saleya.
  8. regular Damier Saleya - Azur looks better on Speedys IMO.
  9. I would get an Azur Saleya and Pochette.
  10. I really want a piano...What kind of bags do you have? I only ask because I don't think the cabas piano is that big, at least from what people say and from what I've seen IRL. Even the petit noe holds more than the piano. The Saleya PM would hold much more than the piano, and I think that one would better fit your needs.

    The Saleya PM is a handle bag, but I know that a couple pfers can put this bag on their shoulder just fine.

    Have you considered the Batignolles Vertical?
  11. I have a coussin and the BH and BV are huge for me!!

    I carry my french wallet, digi cam, cell, tissues, lipstick/chapstick, nano, keys, girl stuff (one week a month - hehe), ziplock of coupons for stores in the mall (amer eagle, vic secret, footlocker, etc).

    Liberte - why do you think the piano is impractical - is it because of the vachetta bottom??
  12. AZUR SALEYA! Its tdf irl and i don't think the seanson neccasarily dictates what kind of bag you should use.
  13. Saleya in regular Damier.

    I prefer Damier to Mono, and that vachetta on the bottom of the Piano stresses me out!
  14. Inside my Saleya PM


    sunglasses case
    koala wallet (of course)
    coach cosmetics case
    paperback novel
    room for more, easily zips closed
  15. Piano.

    I have one and love it, the bottom can get dirty but if you look after your bags you have nothing to worry about.
    Oh and mine does have a zipped compartment inside as well as a phone holder.

    I do like the saleya though, but it has to be in azur!