Which would you chose? - Modern Chain hobo lg or Navy patent Jumbo classic??

  1. Of course I NEED both :nuts: , but can only pic one....

    If you could pic either a large red Modern Chain hobo or a Navy jumbo patent - which would you pic?

    appreciate your thoughts - thank you in advance!
  2. I think I am getting a navy jumbo patent--I have almost completely decided on it! So, that is my pick
  3. OH congrats!!!!! Beautiful bag!

    I have a Jimmy choo patent bag that has the same kind of texture, so I'm kind of wondering what would be best for me.
  4. I would choose the navy Jumbo patent. The Modern Chain line was nice, but it didn't really strike my fancy.
  5. Navy patent jumbo for sure! It's a great looking bag!
  6. Def Navy Patent Jumbo. I am getting one too. Love this bag.
  7. Wow! the patent navy is a big hit :smile:
  8. Any Chanel in the jumbo is my pick. I really love the look of it.
  9. My vote goes to the navy patent jumbo. :biggrin:
  10. definitely the navy patent jumbo!
  11. ok..patent it is :yes:
  12. what does the navy jumbo patent look like? can u post pics?
  13. Navy jumbo in patent....
  14. I will have pic's after tomorrow when I buy it :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
  15. yes i must be in agreement with everyone and say navy patent jumbo for sure!