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  1. Hello everyone,

    I will be in Paris this summer and intend to buy a bag. I am struggling between the Celine box and the delvaux Madame with galuchat. They are both around 4500 Canadian. I attached a picture of each. The delvaux picture is pink but I would likely go for something more subtle.

    Please help me decide!

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  2. Delvaux.

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  3. Celine
  4. Celine
  5. celine
  6. Céline too! The Delvaux is too busy, in my opinion.
  7. Celine definitely!
  8. +1
  9. Celine
  10. Wow! No love fierce delvaux at all! What is it that makes everyone like the Celine more?
  11. Celine box is a better design IMO. Your eye goes right to the buckle, not to a piece of contrasting leather, which is not really a point of interest since it is broad. Two separated metal fasteners confuse the eye a bit because they are so far apart and smaller. With the celine, you don't have to worry about the contrasting leather rectangle aligning with the strap across the middle or the rest of the bag. Fewer components make it less fatiguing on the eye.

    I have liked the celine box since I joined tpf. I never get tired of classic box bags.

    If you love the other bag, try looking at its picture every day for a month and see if you still love it.
  12. Wow! Everyone is in agreement. Thanks for your feedback. Is the box bag heavy? I have never carried one in real life. Thanks!
  13. i would say the celine box also. It's not heavy at all, I have the large size.
  14. Great summary! Agree with all.