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  1. Hi everyone!!

    I'm going to buy another bag and confused which to buy! I have 3 kiddos (ages 2, 5 & 7) I use a separate diaper bag for my youngest.

    Here's my current collection (I've downsized a lot)
    Tivoli GM
    Artsy MM
    Verona MM
    Evora MM
    Figheri GM

    I'm currently in LVOE with mono Neverfull MM w/Rose interior, DE Totally MM or DE Delightful MM:confused1:

    I know it's up to me but I would love to hear your opinions please! :tpfrox:

    Thank you!!
  2. The Delightful and NF are roughly the same size but the Delightful is more comfortable to wear when heavy and the top slouches down to help keep your things securely inside.
    The Totally is a bit smaller but is more practical if you carry quite a few things and find that a zippered top and having several pockets, both inside and out, would be helpful when trying to wrangle 3 young kids and find your phone or keys.
    The NF makes for an awesome tote when you find that the things you carry are bulky, such as a kid's jacket, since the whole bag can expand quite a lot but unfortunately it's an open top (things fall out of my GM all of the time and that's without kids), the handle drop isn't very generous when compared to the other options, and the thin handles can be uncomfortable when the bag is heavy.

    I have a NF GM and a pair of Delightfuls...between the of them the Delightful wins hands down as an everyday go-to purse. I don't have a Totally though so I can't comment much on it.
  3. Wow! Awesome info, thank you! I was wondering about how the thin straps of the NF would feel.
  4. Not too bad when the bag is light but they can really dig in when you start to add weight which is very easy to do with these large bags. The thinner the strap the less area it has to disperse the weight load and hence it digs in while the wide strap designs can disperse far easier and make it significantly more comfortable, especially over a long period of time. The Totally has a medium-width strap but there's 2 which means the weight is well distributed and balanced.
    The DE strap on the Delightful takes a bit more time to break in than its vachetta counterpart but will eventually conform and hold the shape of your shoulder. The only time I experience it slipping off is when my shoulders and arms are drooped, such as when I'm carrying a lot of grocery bags, other than that it stays put. The Totally would most likely behave the same way; the only close comparison I have is the handles of my Shopping Sac which are comfortable and stay on the shoulder. The NF doesn't slip very much but things love to fall out of the top when I bend over to grab something or it tips over in my passenger seat when I hit the brakes.
  5. You are awesome!! I really appreciate all this great info! I will keep you posted on which I buy! Thank you! :smile:
  6. Most welcome and good luck deciding:biggrin:
  7. I agree, of those I'd go with Delightful!
  8. I'm not a fan of the NF for use with kids because of the thin straps (pretty uncomfy when bag is full). I'm aware that lots of moms like the NF though. I'd vote for the totally or the delightful (especially if you will continue wearing a separate bag for the smallest one).
  9. The delightful is a stunning bag with the bag charm attached it gives it a special look not so plain as the neverfull..GL with your decision and keep us posted !!
  10. I have the neverfull with the rose ballerine interior. It is beautiful, but delightful is much more comfortable on the shoulder for a day to day handbag. I would choose out of those 2
  11. totally gets my vote. i actually have the mm in all 3 colors and use them all frequently. it carries so easily, is very strong on organization, and has the security of a zipper closure. the outside pockets are awesome and charms look really nice on this bag. the neverfull will ultimately carry more because it is open on top, but obviously what you gain in capacity costs you in security regarding the zip top. best of luck with your decision!
  12. Thank you all so much! I'm going to try on all three bags one more time and see which one makes my heart smile! lol! I appreciate all the great info! Thanks again!:ty::urock:
  13. Totally mm gets my vote as a mom of two
  14. Thanks Kellybuzzbuzz! Are the straps comfortable and do they stay on your shoulder?
  15. I prefer to have a zipper so would go with the Totally. GL!