which would you choose?

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  1. Currently on space restrictions. Couldn't resist and brought this carrie home. Which would you keep? The gathered juliette or the carrie? Thanks!

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  2. Carrie :smile:
  3. Uh, keep Juliette and send me Carrie!
  4. Carrie if it isn't too big for you.
  5. You could just get a bigger closet. Then you wouldn't have to choose!

  6. This, except send the Carrie to ME! :smile:
  7. Both are nice! You're Juliette looks loved! Could u part with her?
  8. Carrie!
  9. Thanks everyone. And yes, I'm a moron. I just realized I posted this in the club house section and not the general section. I apologize (smart phone user error). Wish I could delete the thread. Back to my main point, I'm going to try to downsize something else because I think I love both!
  10. Carrie is beautiful. Did you get her at the outlet?

    Understand completely about the mixup, it's a little tricky posting on the phone app.
  11. Carrie!
  12. Carrie
  13. Wow, they are both nice and I love gathered leather but I think I'm with the majority. I would keep Carrie.
  14. Lol! Is there a waitlist?