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  1. I am really sold on the Amanda Crossbody Clutch in the black with the metal/leather small logo because I think its an amazing looking bag that can be word three ways. Problem is that I would like to get a tan crossbody as well. Any opinions or differences that you can help me use to decide between the Thea Crossbody Foldover Messenger and the Amanda Foldover Meessenger? I like the Marion as it appears a bit smaller and elevated style wise like the Thea but the neutral color is a clay beige which isn't really a good match wi other accessories that I have in TB and would like to match up. Can you help?
  2. I like the Amanda Crossbody Clutch in black. I generally like black bags because of being worried about pen stains or any other stain that may ruin the bag. What did you decide to do?
  3. I ended up getting the Amanda Clutch in black with the gold and leather logo and love, love, love it. It doesn't hold much which is why it's my go out bag! In the meantime I picked up Coach's mini Borough which does hold considerably more things. I am biding my time until I can use my TB Thea crossbody in that gorgeous Porcelain Pink.
  4. I have the Amanda crossbody and love it!
  5. Thanks, I ended up getting it and despite that it only holds a few things, I can deal with it. I fit in a strip wallet with 10 cards, card holder with gift cards, lipstick, pills, and agenda but it works. I love the look of it but am going to use it for dress occasions mostly.