Which Would You Choose?

  1. hi, Ladies!

    i need your advice....

    i'm hoping to eventually purchase my *first* LV piece and have been going back-n-forth between the Speedy 25 & the Papillon 26. i like that they're both classic pieces but am having a hard time choosing.

    which one would you choose? =)

    (and please don't say "both"! heehee ;) )

    thanks, Girls!
  2. i prefer the Speedy 25. i think the Papillon looks best in the 30.
  3. A speedy is a great choice for a first LV.
  4. I have both. I like my mono Speedy 25 but I LOVE my damier papillon 26!
  5. I personally like the speedy 25.
  6. speedy, preferrably damier,but speedy nonetheless
  7. damier speedy 25...i am also getting my first LV bag soon and i had the same dilemma and i checked both of them out ALOT and, IMO, the speedy is the way to go because its an easier handheld bag because of its shape, the papillon 26 felt a little weird hanging there lol, and personally for the speedy i like damier better :heart: :smile:
  8. i love my speedy
  9. both are great choices, i would get the speedy first and the papillon at a later time.
  10. speedy :yes:
  11. Speedy gets my vote!
  12. if it were me-->none
    but I guess i'll choose the papillon 26 for ya
  13. I don´t like Pap that much so Speedy from me.
  14. Papillon!!! So tired of seeing Speedy's everywhere.
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