Which would you choose?

  1. Hi guys! I would like your opinion's please. As far as classic bags go, which do you think will be the most classic Fendi Spy or the
    YSL Muse? I have been pondering this question lately. I think that they are both beautiful bags, which would you buy and why? Thanks.;)
  2. I would kill to have a YSL Muse! I love the design and am partial to YSL! Go for it!
  3. i vote for the muse as well! :yes:
  4. I think the Muse will also have more "investment value" if you ever tire of it.
  5. The Muse :smile:
  6. I think they are both destined to be classics.
    I'm lucky enough to have both - I think the Muse is great because it's really hard wearing, you don't need to 'baby' it,you can throw everything into it and it still looks amazing.
    And the Fendi, because it holds so much,the leather is just beautiful and you can dress it up or down.It's soft, squishy, roomy and looks expensive....:love:
    I'd have a hard job to choose between them - but at least you know you'll be making a good choice whichever one you decide on!:yes:
  7. ^^ the YSL muse is the most classic ;)
  8. I'm rooting for the muse too... It's definitely a classic!
  9. I also own both, but prefer the Muse as more classic. I'm already tiring of my Spy.