which would you choose?

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  1. I would go with the grey gaufre. Prada gaufre bags are gorgeous!:tup:
  2. will that light of a color hold up?
  3. and is the price ok?
  4. I would be very cautious to buy from Overstock, as there are authenticity issues.
    Try Bluefly instead, they have a lot of gauffre's too! Good Luck!
  5. I didn't know overstock has current authenticity issues?
    Either way, to the OP, I'd be very careful with a light gaufre. The lambskin on this bag is prone to color transfer and scratches. I have the same exact bag but in light pink. The color was faded and it had scuff marks on the corners when I got it. The bag has stayed in pretty much the same condition because I hardly use it. Don't get me wrong, though. I love my bag, but it is delicate so it warrants a warning.
    As for the price, the retail on this bag was $18xx. However, I believe it was part of the previous sales and I'm willing to bet that if it was, then it was sold for much less than $1200 overstock is asking for.
    But then you have to factor in how much you really like this bag (is it something you're willing to pay $1200 for?) and how often you'll see it in the secondary market.
    I prefer this bag over the Miu Miu.
  6. yeah, i like the look too but was scared of that. If I spend that much for a handbag, I want to use it and not feel bad. Really not sure about either
  7. did not know about overstock?
  8. Love the Prada gauffre - but I agree it's a light color and you really can't use it as an everday bag - I've seen the Prada in Black & Red that would be great for everyday.
    I've ordered from Overstock and haven't had any issues.
  9. Definitely the PRADA----no contest!
  10. Id rather get the gauffre, but if there is no other, more practical colour, go for miumiu :yes:
  11. :shrugs:I haven't heard anything about Overstock either...I've bought from therefore..I like the gauffre better too but yes...be careful about color transfer..