Which would you choose?

  1. I need some help please. I never owned a Chole bag, but I am considering buying one for the fall. Which bag do you think is the most work and everyday friendly. I would think that the Paddy is a little heavy. Does this bag weigh you down? Would the Edith tote be better for everyday and is it more lightweight? Thanks ;) Also I prefer a shoulder bag. What is your opinion on this?
  2. My next bag is a Chloe and I was going to get a Paddy but it is too small for me and the lock is really heavy. I think the large Paddington tote would be a great mix of them both. You get the pad lock of the paddy yet the size of the Edith.
  3. My opinion is get a Balenciaga, lol! I know, I know.. not a Chloe but really.. I have a regular Paddy satchel in Whiskey which I'm not so much in love with atm coz I just love my Bbags! If you want work and everyday friendly, lightweight, shoulder bag.. then the Balenciaga City (comes with shoulder strap) will suit you well! Or what about a YSL Muse in large? ~ Shoulder bag, lighter than Paddys, ok for both work and casual! ~
  4. How about a Chloe Silverado Tote?! It's not heavy at all and it's roomy enough for all your everyday "stuff".:yes:
    (28) Chloe Silverado Tote, Medium - 1635.JPG
  5. Large SIlverado is the best choice - Paddy is heavy - my friend actually had sore shoulder carrying it; she ended up taking the padlock out - losing the point of having a paddy really!! With Edith, it depends whether you can put in under your arms or not. Agnes from the blog could fit hers nicely cos she has skinny arms, but not me:crybaby:
  6. Silverado or Edith for work.
  7. or the new chloe shoulder bag for fall is lovely, its new, going to be popular and sound exactly what you need :smile:
  8. ^^^I saw this IRL and it is the perfect size and really light. I was suprised!
  9. I'd go Edith all the way. The paddy is already kinda of heavy, especially for a tote that you'll be carrying around all day.

    I think the Edith is a fresher hotter bag.
  10. OMG pursemama:nuts: I'm seeing her again. TDF. Still dreaming about a black tote like yours...Purseloco, this is a good everyday bag. I have it in olive and love it. It fits a ton of stuff and still looks hip and funky - and much lighter than the paddy.