Which would you choose?

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Which IYT???

  1. Wine

  2. Black Crash

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Fellow BE Groupies, :smile: Would you pick wine (double zippers) or black crash (single zipper) for an IYT? Thanks!
  2. Very tough question. I can't answer this without some contingencies...especially as I returned one and cancelled an order for the other (in favor of the fall bags).

    The Wine is gorgeous...decadent...rich...with a lot of depth.

    The Black Crash is completely different...some sheen with a crackled surface texture.

    For me, Black Crash is more versatile with my current wardrobe.

    With my previous wardrobe (I stuck to mostly black with little variation), the Wine would be superb as it would simply POP!

    Color-wise, the Wine is much more intriguing; although, I find the Black Crash quite chic.

    Zipper-wise, I really like both options, although I think the double-zip looks best on the Wine and the single-zip looks best on the Black Crash...I can't say I would prefer its inverse.

    Sorry, I'm no help whatsoever. :shrugs:
  3. I love the wine as it is such a gorgeous color and it makes for a beautiful neutral. I say, go for the wine!!
  4. As much as I love the black crash, I think the wine is the better color in this style...plus, I really love the two zips....!
  5. I would go with the wine. I think it is so beautiful and I love it with the 2 zippers. :tup:
  6. I asked Jackie about the IYT in wine and she said she doesnt have any with 2 zippers....just a head's up, or maybe something changed and she has one now :smile:
  7. Hmmm...interesting; I was just going by the photos. Thanks Sukey!
  8. A difficult choice, but I would pick the wine.
  9. I love the WINE!!!

    It's gorgeous and a more exciting color.

    That being said, I took a look at Jackie's site and I do like the look with the 1 zipper! I think it looks very chic!
  10. I like the wine with the two zippers. I hope she still has one for you.
  11. I can't decide...I would want both!!! Sorry not to help...
  12. Someone mentioned they returned their wine with the double zips and silver hardware, so she may be getting one in soon.

    Anyway, I love the double zippers on the wine, so I vote for that!
  13. Yes, I am the one who returned the Wine IYT with double-zips and silver hardware. It is in transit back to Ashley. I expect she will have it back by the end of this week.

  14. Jackie will have a Wine IYT with two zips and silver hardware, as I returned mine last week ~ I expect Ashley to receive it by the end of this week.

  15. Definitely the WINE! It is gorgeous, and I love the two zips.
    Let us know what you decide!