Which would you choose?

  1. Left is the Ink box and the right is the Grey Twiggy Does the box look too small for me? Sorry about the horrible photo.
    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    ink2.JPG grey twig.JPG ink1.JPG
  2. INK Box:love::love:
  3. Ink box! :biggrin:
  4. Is that the '05 prefall grey?
  5. Ink box:heart: :heart:
  6. ink box
  7. Balenciaga just sent me that photo this week. Not sure
  8. If it is the '05 grey, I would maybe choose that over ink. If it is the '06 grey, I would choose ink. I have both the ink and the '05 grey and while I love the ink, I think I may like my grey better. That being said, the ink is a much more interesting color.

    Also, the box doesn't look to small.
  9. another vote for the ink box! :smile:
  10. I vote for grey....its delicious...
  11. My vote goes to the beautiful ink box :love:
  12. My vote would be for the grey. I like the twiggy shape better!
  13. i love the ink box. it's so cute!
  14. Ink box!!! Beautiful AND versatile colour
  15. Ink!