Which Would You Choose?

  1. I bought both these beauties at the outlet and was seriously considering selling one to recoup some money...

    I usually get one bag at a time, but I really just couldn't choose between them. I thought the Bleeker Flap in buckskin would be a good color for the summer, but the Whiskey Ali is any season. Both were $239. The buckskin color is gorgeous, but scares me thinking what it'll look like after I'm through with it!

    I feel quilty spending so much on myself, so help me out with a decision! Which do you prefer?
    coach ali.jpg coach flap.jpg
  2. tough choice.. they are both beautiful and different! I am a huge ali fan so I think ali.. I like the bleecker a lot but the strap thing is weird to me on my shoulder.. but if it's not on you then I think whichever fits best for you and works best with your wardrobe.. you really can't go wrong with either one. :tup:
  3. I would say keep the Ali only because I love the Ali. I have been searching for one everywhere. But if you are looking make money I would sell the Ali. They are selling on eBay for about $50 more than you spent. But if it were up to me I would keep the Ali, hands down!
  4. Love the Bleeker style but the Ali's color. *shrug* Better idea - decide you're worth the money and keep both! :tup:
  5. wait a minute......BUCKSKIN??? They already send buckskin to the outlets???!!! That's not even OUT yet til February!!! If you go to sell that one, you can state that it's not even released yet!!! What a GREAT deal!!!! I vote to keep Ali b/c I desperately wanted a bleecker flap, but that buckle REALLY hurt my shoulder!!!! Both are gorgeous bags though, so you cant go wrong w/ either one!!!! Let us know what you decide!
  6. I would personally choose the Ali because I just bought one myself and I love her!!! I would also be afraid of the buckskin because I tend to be hard on my bags. Both of them are gorgeous! And you got a great deal!
  7. Wow, that buckskin was a great find! I might keep that because it's not even in stores yet & that's an amazing price. Then again the Ali isn't available anymore either. Ahhh sorry I'm no help :shame::lol:
  8. Well, I own two Alis (black & whiskey) and one large Bleeker Flap (bottle green) and I love both styles but if I had to choose only one it would be the Ali. If you can keep both and want to, don't feel guilty. You got amazing deals!
  9. Personally I like the ALI...but the buckskin is nice since its not even out yet...and since its not even out yet you can prob. get an awesome price on it. Or just keep both if you can afford it!


  10. the buckskin flap and duffle have been in my store for at least a week?? I know the past two times I've gone up there, it was on display...????

    My vote is the Buckskin! It will be a great color going into Spring/Summer. Whiskey is popular. It will always be out there in at least one or two styles that you like, I'm sure. If you're worried about the marks/scratches...try putting Apple Conditioner on it first. I heard this helps a lot.
  11. I have a whiskey Ali and I do love it but I love the Buckskin too. In
    fact I am most probably getting it. I really love this bag with all the
    crisp linens and eyelets I wear in the Spring and summer. I love the
    Bleeker Line alot. It will not scratch too, much just put conditioner on
    I have two Bleeker Bags and they have held up great. The Buckskin
    color is like a Grade Latte, I love it!
  12. I have Ali in Black and wouldn't trade her for the world....love the bag.
  13. My boutique isnt getting Buckskin in til February!!!!!! :nogood: and in the catalouge it says "available February".....HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I'm JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well...I actually sent back a Buckskin all leather small flap last week. (I had ordered British Tan) I was at first upset by the color since it wasn't what I was expecting...Then later...Pondered on keeping it. It's a lovely color...Distressed as it is. The leather can be cleaned with Coach Cleaner I was told by JAX and a conditioner then placed on it...With that said...It's a toss up. I also love the style of the Ali...as well as the color.

    If your harder on your bags...You may wish to sell the Large Flap Bleecker. Their selling at what would make a wonderful profit for you...On eBay.

    Seein' your Bleecker in Buckskin...I can almost KICK myself for turning in my small flap Buckskin that came last week.... The lighter color also made the bag seem larger too.

    How does the strap feel on you though? I heard a lot of ones commenting on the strap. Thus I went with the small flap all leather bleecker. So I could just carry it on my wrist or in hand...
  15. I would keep both!!:yes: