Which would you choose...

  1. OK so I have a legacy leather shoulder bag in Juniper w/matching wristlet all ready to go for one of my Christmas presents from my family but now I'm kinda liking the Bleecker shopper! One of the only problems w/the shopper however is the color selection - I have plenty of both brown and black leather bags (and am getting another British tan gallery tote for my bday in early December). Just interested in opinions - which one would you choose. Legacy is $100 cheaper, but thats not really going to change my mind if I do decide to exchange. Thanks for your opinions!
  2. The juniper legacy leather is TDF!!!!! I would say keep that one since it's all ready to go for Xmas anyway!!!!!
  3. I would stick with the juniper! I love the color and I love the shoulder bag style!
  4. I'd probably stick with the juniper since you don't 'need' a black or brown bag. It's such a pretty color!
  5. Thanks for the replies!! Im glad so far you guys think I should keep the juniper - I do love the color, plus I just HATE exchanging bags. I will do it if I feel really strongly, but I'm not sure I feel that strongly yet!! Anyone else?
  6. Ok, the Juniper colour legacy is simply fabulous! I LOVE that colour and the shoulder bag is so nice. That's the one I would choose :yes:.
  7. The shoulder bag is one of my favorite Legacy leather bags and the juniper is beautiful!! Plus I'm not a fan of any of the Bleeckers...
  8. I would personally stick with the juniper legacy shoulder bag. The color is BEAUTIFUL & I like the style better too. Good luck :smile:
  9. Thanks - I think I'm going to stay w/the legacy bag. Maybe next year the Bleecker shopper will come out in another color and I can look into it then.