Which would you choose?

  1. Wow, tough choice! I love both colors and styles, but in terms of functionality, I would go with the MP. It's so easy to carry and it holds a ton of stuff. The zipper is easier to get in and out of as well.
  2. I agree with thithi. I would go for the MP it seems like you may get more use out of it.
  3. I love the Brick Red Elise. I keep looking at it and thinking "Would it go with much of my clothes?". I think the MP would go with more. Did you get it?
  4. Did you get the MP? Both are lovely bags!:heart:
  5. I like the red Elise!
  6. ^^ I prefer the red elise too, but if it was a berry venetia i would absolutely love it, that my next purchase, i found several berry venetias for 429$
  7. I like the red Elise more!
  8. I agree.
  9. Love both but I'd go with the MP. You would get more use out it IMO. Good luck!
  10. I did it. :yahoo: I was dying for a MP and I really love the berry... I have Stella in wine, so I am trying to have as many varied colors as I can... Maybe Elise in another color... I need to ban myself from buying purses! :yes:
  11. Woohoo!! Congrats on your new bag! I love this color!!
  12. WOW! It's gorgeous! Love the color, and what a super BIN price!
    You got an incredible deal~ I know you will love the MP so much. It is my favorite style bag. ENJOY!
  13. congrats! i think ya made the correct choice, that colour is so yummy!
  14. Thank you! I really love the color and was wanting a Multipocket. I tend to like my bigger bags more so I know I'll get tons of use out of it. Can't wait to get it!