Which would you choose?

  1. I know there are a few people in here who are determined to collect every style of their favorite print, so my question is...if you could have every item made in any print, which print would you choose?

    it's a little different than asking which print is your favorite, my fav is paradiso, but i'm really only looking for the perfect zucca in that print.

    If I could have every bag in a print I would def choose Adios Star, because I love the way it looks on different bags, and it fits my personal style more than paradiso.:yes:
  2. I'd have to say Adios Star too. I already have 4 items in A.S. (Of course, I already have 4 Citta Rosas too). But I think with A.S., you don't have to worry so much about the placement.
  3. i only have a denaro so far but i'll probably get a zucca, caramella & mamma mia if i can find one. OH! & a luna:drool:

    i can't wait for my college money/toki funds to get here!
  4. Foresta, definitely. It looks cute on every bag that I see... and I absolutely love that it's a big scene and everything :tup:
  5. My favorite is SPIAGGIA...i think it looks awesome in every bag style, plus it's such a fun and relaxing print....
  6. For me it's a tie between Foresta and Olive Camo PG
  7. foresta or playground. there are just so many gorgeous pieces in each. i especially love foresta giocos, campeggios/stellinas and zuccas. i've seen wonderful playground andiamos/campeggios, angiolettos, bvs..
  8. It's a toss-up between Tan PG and Tutti for me
  9. Foresta! :graucho:
  10. Inferno for me :smile:
  11. love tan playground, i'd drop dead for all bags in that print! :love:
  12. bag in every style... inferno please!

    but at the moment i have 3 out of 5 of my bags are AS... so i definitely love that too :p
  13. Inferno!!!
  14. inferno! that's my answer, for now...tomorrow, it could be different :smile:
  15. I'm not sure if I would want every bag in one of the prints, but I'd guess it would be a choice of Inferno or Foresta for me.