which would you choose?

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  1. I am going to get a beige bag pre price increase and these 3 are available to me, I'm torn...what do you think?
    bag.jpg bag2.jpg tn.jpg
  2. oooh the medallion, it's so classy.
  3. I agree..The medallion!
  4. what other bags do you have?
  5. jfhave, hmmm this is a tough one! I don't think there is a bad choice. LOL I'm leaning towards the Medallion too. My mother has it in black and she uses it for "everyday" and it holds up really well...no scratches, etc. Gosh, but this is a like a kid in a candy store; I can't choose just one. hehe But, ok fine, yeah Medallion for me too!

    My 2nd choice would be #3.
  6. I have a black jumbo flap, a burgundy medallion tote, and an ivory colored pochette...

    for those of you that have the medallion and PST, which is roomier?
  7. Medallion tote looks really classy in this colour, but I am also partial to the flap hehehee. Do you already have classic flaps? If so, then get the medallion tote, esp since the size is more practical and can hold lots more. Sorry am I not helping? :p
  8. Do you guys think the medallion is as "timeless" and clasic as a flap??
  9. IMHO, it's easier to get things in and out of the PST compared to the medallion...
  10. This is a tough one. I'll go with the medallion. I have one in black and I love it. I think anyone of your options is timeless and classic. You can't go wrong.
  11. Since you already have a flap & a medallion tote, i say go for the PST! Its a great bag!
  12. Well, to me the bubble flap is not really in the classic category, it's a flap but not a classic flap IMO.....I would say Medallion or PST, for me I prefer the PST...
  13. I love the medallion!
  14. Personally, I would get a different beige bag from the bubble quilt ligne (this flap is so small). They have some beautiful styles. Your collection already has classic styles, I think you should add something more fun/fresh. Just my opinion.
  15. I totally agree with her!