which would you choose?


which small ring agenda would you choose?

  1. damier azur

  2. damier koala

  3. monogram trunks and bags (september)

  4. damier trunks and bags (november/december)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i've been having a very hard time picking out an agenda. i just can't decide if i want to purchase a damier azur small ring agenda in my regular store through my SA, have a small ring damier koala agenda sent to me (which i HATE doing -- only like purchasing in-store) since not one store in nyc has it, or, wait for a trunks and bags agenda to come out. for those it would almost be pointless since this is my last semester at school and i really want it for this semester which starts in 3 weeks. and if i waited till then, chances are i wouldn't end up buying it at all. what would you choose and why?
  2. I'd go with the Azur, it's the prettiest.
  3. I would choose the damier koala because I love the red lining and the koala lock!
  4. lol you guyssss it's all tied! haha someone un-tie it!
  5. Ok, I'll untie it! I say Azur too.
  6. for me ,, the Azur!! i just love the colors!! so fresh!! if it were up to me, i'd buy a whole luggage set ,, but hey, one can always dream:drool:
  7. Another Azur vote here.
  8. I voted for the Azur. It's so pretty :love:
  9. damier azur!!
  10. Damier Koala gets my vote. It seems to be the one you wanted from the start.....

    If you intend to use it daily, I'd advise against the Azur (as pretty as it is) because you or someone else may accidentally write on it.
  11. Damier koala, I'd rather get something that isn't light, just cause you'd want your agenda to be very durable.
  12. accidentally write on it? actually i had no idea what i wanted from the start. lol i just wanted to see how available my options are to me by contacting stores to see if they could get it or if they had it.
  13. I voted Damier Koala, I love the red with the damier!
  14. I voted for Damier koala ;)
  15. normally i would have chosen the Damier Koala, because i love the red lining, but after seeing the Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette Accessoires i think the screen print would look so cute on an agenda