Which would you choose?

  1. My mother-in-law gave me a Coach gift certificate for my birthday! yipee! I currently only own medium/large bags and really need a small/comfortable bag for shopping/vacations/etc.. I'm not really into the swingpacks althought the Legacy one is really cute! I've narrowed it down to these two. Which do you like better and why? pros/cons? I like them both equally and can't decide!!! TIA:nuts:

    #1 Carly sig

    #2 Chelsea sig small hobo

  2. Carly all the way. =]
    I say because one, its actually a pretty stylish bag.
    The Carly Slouch [as I call it :biggrin:] is to die for.
    Easier to get in and out of becasue of the nice zipper and all.

    But, the one con Id have about it is that its too narrow for me.
    I hold a lot of junk, so psh, demis, yeah, they dont work for me. ;]
    But you did say you didnt need to hold a lot, so maybe the Carly is just right for you.

    Good luck on deciding!
  3. Carly is easier to get in and out of but wouldn't the Chelsae hold more? Depends on your needs. I actually like them both! LOL!
  4. I have both of these bags! I have two Carly demis - one in black signature and one in brown signature; and I have the Chelsea small hobo in black leather. While the Carly demi is totally cute, probably the cuter of the two, I think the Chelsea hobo is more functional.

    The Carly demi is very short and I have a hard time with wallets. You have to use a very small wallet because taller wallets will not allow you to zip the bag. Plus, I have to lay my Treo on its side because it's also to tall too fit in there. The Chelsea hobo has two multi function pockets inside (for a cell, etc.) and it's a little taller and can hold more. They are both smaller bags and similar in size but I think you can get more in the Chelsea hobo. Plus, if you like the slouch factor, my Chelsea slouches a lot more than my Carly.

    Good luck with your decision! If you'd like some photos of them side-by-side let me know, I'd be glad to take some and post them for you! :yes:
  5. I love the Carly. Depends on how small a bag you need/want.
  6. thank you, Mokoni, bananasplit and loveshim! This is a really hard decision! Mokoni, which one is more comfortable on your shoulder? Do they have the same drop length? Any more votes?
  7. Let me add that I did have a black leather carly demi and being a 'not small gal', the demi fit comfortably on my shoulder. It's a great little bag if you don't carry much. My only issue with it in the end was I couldn't fit my overly large sunglass case in it so it was impractical for me.
  8. I just saw the demi Carly today and it's so pretty. However, It didn't seem to have much more room than my Swingpack. I think the Chelsea would have a bit more wiggle room. They're both pretty so I don't think you'd go wrong either way :smile:
  9. Yes, I think the drop length is very similar but I think the Chelsea is just a bit longer. As for comfort, I think the Chelsea wins, again. The other thing I want to mention is that a lot of people are concerned with the turnlock on the top, in that it might be hard to maneuver. That isn't the case at all. I actually like it because even if you don't lock it the top flaps fall and stay in place anyway.
  10. The Carly for sure.....she ROCKS.
  11. that's a hard one, I love them both!!! :yes:
  12. My 7 year old daughter tried on the Carly demi at Coach yesterday. It fit her really good, so it's very small. I thought it would be the perfect size for her!

    If something that small works for you then I say the Carly definitely.
  13. They're both cute, but I just love the Carly!! :smile:
  14. Carly is much cuter!
  15. personally i prefer the carly! from experience the small chelsea turnlock digs into the armpit a little bit haha.

    and the carly has the gorgeous slouch, as well as being larger.