Which would you choose?

  1. I am in need of an everyday black bag. Right now I'm eyeing the large black signature ergo hobo and the black Carly or black/khaki Carly. What would you choose?
  2. Khaki/Black Carly!!!!! or Black/Black Carly....OR ANY CARLY!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL
  3. Carly!!!!!
  4. Carly
  5. carly is much more prettier. i'm not sure on the color though. i love the all black carly with the gold hardware. looks very chic and sophisticated. but i can never resist the khaki signature fabric. hmmm...i guess if you're looking for a good, everyday use black bag, go for the black carly.
  6. Carly! :tup:
  7. I have the black signature large Carly and love her. I'd say go with that one. I agree with lunatwinkle, the first time I saw this bag one of the managers at my outlet had purchased it. I thought it looked SO chic that I had to get one myself. It's a great bag. I like how the signature print is understated. Sometimes I feel like the large C's can get to be too overwhelming (which is why I returned my khaki/saddle Carly).
  8. I feel the same way. I :heart: signature print, but had the carly in khaki and IMO with the large c's and the large print with light color, it was a huge billboard. I traded for the chocolate and like it a lot more.. you can definately still see the c's but it doesn't blare at you. :wtf:
  9. Thanks girls! I think my Carly wishlist is growing...do you girls prefer large or medium?
  10. I have never owned or touched a Carly but if I had to choose between the large ergo and Carly...it would be Carly. I have the large ergo in khaki that I am going to return. Its to awkward for me for an everyday bag. So...my vote is carly black on black.....I think that one is really pretty or chocolate. Can't go wrong with either. They look nice and from what I've read on this forum, it seems like the ladies prefer the large over the medium.:cool:
  11. Carly!!!!!!!
  12. Definitely a LARGE Carly!!!!

    What cha' waiting for.........go get her!!!
  13. Yeah, I think the chocolate and the black are the best two. They're both subtle, but you can still tell it's signature.
  14. black sig carly
  15. Personally I prefer the medium. I'm nearly 5' 9" and it's certainly not too small. It holds a ton, and the large was just too big for me. I don't want to be overwhelmed by my bag!