Which would you choose?

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  1. the bracelet.
  2. i rarely wear a watch so my vote would go for the pearls.
  3. definitely the pearl!! it's so gorgeous!!!

    u can't beat mikimoto!!!!
  4. the watch is really nice, and the bracelet is gorgeous. it depends on what you would wear more!
  5. I would get the watch. My husband sells pearls and he said the price has just come down alot (in Australia at least). You can always get the pearls down the track. It also depends if you are rough with your hands etc because you might damage a bracelet like that.
  6. the watch!! i got a movado for my birthday and i wear it 24/7. i love the mikimoto pearls but if i had to choose, the watch!
  7. My choice would be mikimoto pearl bracelet.
  8. Depends on what you would wear more, but I'd go for the pearls.
  9. BOTH!!! They would look SOOO good together!!!!
  10. Mikimoto.
  11. I would go for the pearls. However, they would look great side by side!
  12. a watch over pearls any day
  13. Both are gorgeous. My vote goes to the watch.
  14. The watch.
  15. The pearls look beautiful. Get them! :biggrin: