Which would you choose?

  1. For graduation I want something classic, and my options have come down to either a Movado watch or a Mikimoto pearl bracelet. Which would you choose?

    Movado Watch

    Mikimoto Pearls
  2. I'd choose the pearl bracelet, b/c I love, love, love pearls. I never wear a watch, so that's the only reason I didn't opt for that. They are both lovely.

    Congratulations on your graduation!!! It's a big, wonderful thing to have accomplished!
  3. I am going to probably confuse you further and say that I never wear pearls (sorry Lee Lee :p) so I would definitely get the watch :yes:. Just think about the items (bracelets and watches) that you already own and how often you wear them. Then make a decision on what you would get the most use (and smiles) out of.
  4. I would get the watch because I'd wear it everyday. I love the pearl bracelet, it is beautiful.

    I would go with what you would get the most use out of!! Great choices!!!
  5. I'd get the watch
  6. I loveeee the pearls! I love the bracelet all together. It's beautiful. I would go for the pearls. I too don't wear watches.
  7. I'd go for the watch. I am addicted to watches. I have a Movado & its 5 years old & has been great to me. I wore it daily for 4 years until I got a Cartier but I still do wear it!

    Also, mine is gold & has a full diamond bezel & has held up phenomenally well! Congrats on graduating!
  8. I would do the watch...
  9. You should buy what you will use the most.

    I wear pearls often, so that would be my pick.
  10. I'd go for the watch!! The pearls do look cute though..
  11. I'd get the pearls, unless you don't have a watch yet ;)
  12. A watch!
  13. I would choose the watch! Congrats!
  14. Are you graduating from hs or college? If hs, then get the watch, if college, the bracelet.
  15. BOTH. Seriously.