Which would you choose (wallet) -

  1. Ok - last time - the Pochette Wallet or an Epi Mandarin French Purse??
    pochette.jpg mandarin.jpg
  2. Ack. Between those, I like both BUT, I love the Mandarin color. I'd try the clasp part at the store to make sure you'll be able to get it open easily. If so, I'd go with that one :smile:
  3. i would go for the pochette wallet. Somehow i feel the french purse will loose it's shape but it could be my imaginagine ;). Also you don;t have to unfold the pochette wallet wich i think is very practical. If i even buy a louis wallet thats the one!
  4. Both look great. But I'm with Reb... The Mandrin is just TDF!!! :smile:
  5. I have a Mono French Purse and I love it! And the mandarin color is TDF!
  6. it's a tough choice. i love the French Purse, even though i hate the Mandarin color, but the clasp may be a bit tiresome. the Pochette wallet may be easier to get into.
  7. Pochette wallet!!!!!
  8. the pochette wallet! :biggrin:
  9. I like the Mandarin French Purse! The color is so vibrant! And I think the FP style is the most convenient. Love it!!!
  10. Mandarin French Purse, the color is great and it will be totally gone soon. You could always pick up a mono pochette wallet.
  11. Definitely the Mandarin french purse between those 2.
  12. I have both and love them both! (I have a pochette wallet, a monogram french purse and a yellow epi french purse.) Get the one that will fit best into your bag. The pochette wallet is almost twice the size of the epi french purse!
  13. You mean the colour is being discontinued?:wtf:

    BTW, I like the epi wallet better.
  14. Mandarin french purse all the way!! That color is stunning!! I have a mono french purse and the clasp doesn't give me any trouble at all.
  15. Pochette wallet, sorry mandarin, you're just not as fab !