Which would you choose: Wallet on a Chain or Metallic Reissue Wallet?

  1. I was thinking the Wallet on a Chain can be used as a wallet if I put the chain inside but now I'm thinking if I should purchase an actual wallet instead? However Wallet on a Chain is cute for parties or just going out to dinner. Which one would you guys choose?
  2. I just got the metallic black WoC and it's my favoriate Chanel item currently! It's so functional. Fits tons of stuff: credit cards, checkbook, cell phone, lip balm, etc. Basically fits everything that fits into my LV Zippy Organizer, but it can be carried on the shoulder or messenger style for errands. I love it so much I got the caviar version too. Now I'm on a mission to get 1 in every color! LOL. Genius design. Why did I ignore this gem for so long??
  3. I would get the wallet on a chain, but I tend not to like to change wallets often - so to get a wallet would not interest me. But the wallet on the chain, as you mentioned can be for nights out when a regular bag no matter how small just seems like too much.
    Good luck on making your decision...
  4. I have a wallet on a chain and never use it. It doesn't hold enough and although I love it, it's not functional enough, for me.

    I love my reissue wallet and it holds a lot. I guess it all depends what you want to use it for.
  5. I personally like the shape of the reissue wallet better than WoC..
  6. i have the wallet on chain in pink its so cute and functional, especially when i go partying or shopping i don't have to use my hands or shoulders and everything, besides you're right you can use it as a wallet OR clutch! its too cute! i think i might be have to take up ocgirl's genius idea of owning one in every color! haha
  7. wallet on chain. i've always wished the timeless clutches would come with chains so it's so much easier when you decide to lug it on your shoulder if you're sick of clutching/holding it.
  8. wallet on chain is gorgeous. Best thing bout it is that you can wear it across the body, single chain or double chain or even into a clutch.
  9. wallet on a chain.
  10. I bought a dk silver metallic wallet on a chain for myself because I just thought the shape of it was adorable, the versatility of the way the strap can be worn, and the size is great for dinner or a night out on the town. I'm not one to constantly swap out my wallets, so the metallic reissue wallet would not be useful for me. HOWEVER...I ended up returning my wallet on a chain b/c it was just not getting used, at ALL. I'm still a little sad about it, really :crybaby:but for how much it cost, it was a waste. I hope that my cute wallet went to a good home and is seeing the light of day/nightlife!
  11. I think it depends on what you want to use it for. If you primarily want it to be a wallet, I would go with the reissue wallet. It is truly beautiful. The wallet on a chain doesn't seem as practical if your primary use is for it to be a wallet.
  12. Reissue wallet! More flexible and so lovely - I adore them!
  13. wallet on a chain, it is more unusual. It's so cute when used as a mini bag.