Which would you choose: Trip to New York OR Louis Vuitton Watch?

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  1. I have the opportunity to go to New York for 10 days (from a smaller city in Australia) I've never been overseas before... SO scared of flying and it's 24 hours and 3 flights to get there, and will be going with a friend, plus I have 2 kids that I'd miss like crazy back home (3 years and 10 years)...I've never had much desire to travel to be honest, and it feels a bit overwhelming, but I think New York would be amazing.

    the other option

    Is to stay here, go interstate and have more to spend shopping and buy a Louis Vuitton diamond watch

    What do you guys think... what would you do?
  2. if i were in your case, i would choose the nyc trip.
  3. Another vote for the trip to NY and buy something in LV there as it will be cheaper than here:smile:
  4. New York hands down.
  5. New York. I would happily leave Sydney any day for a quick vacation.
  6. I've read often that it is way more satisfying spending money on experiences rather than stuff. Not that I don't buy stuff, but if it was a choice between the two, definitely the trip!

    The trip is something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life, especially as it is your first time abroad. I love LV but I'm certain you'll get far more enjoyment out of the trip than you will from the watch - you'll have loads of great experiences and memories rather than just another shopping bag in a long line of shopping bags.
  7. Without reading your post, I'd say NY! I loooove NYC.

    After reading, I'm still leaning towards nyc... you feel the desire:smile: and do you really "need" a diamond watch, or do you "need" to see the world? :smile:
    Good luck with your decision!
  8. NYC!! You'll Love it!!
  9. am I the only one who would go and buy LV diamond watch here? :lolots:
    honestly, I vote for this. i'd rather choose the option to go to NY with my family later. good luck with your decision.
  10. I think New York is always worth a trip - but if you can´t enjoy the trip because of the flight and because you´ll miss your kids too much i´d stay at home and buy LV :smile:
  11. I'd go to NYC because it's the ultimate opportunity to get rid of your fear of flying. Plus, it's nice and relaxing to get away for a couple of days with your friend. The watch will always be there after..
  12. I really don't care for LV watches. I think Lv is a brand, famous for it bags and would pick another watch.

    I say go for NY!
  13. NY trip definitely.it's not worth it to let go the trip but getting a diamond watch. if you want diamonds, get a diamond ring.
  14. NY for sure. I have been there twice and going back again in August. I LOVE NY!!!
  15. In you situation, I'd choose NY!