Which would you choose to lose?

La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
Well, since I'm one of the few non-BJ fans, I'd sell that one. The raisin is such a gorgeous and versatile color and I think you can get more use out of that one. Raisin is also harder to come by than BJ.
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The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
I'm with hello; I'm not a fan of Epsom, Blue Jean or not, so I'd get rid of that one. Love Raisin Clemence! It's so rich and versatile!
Exactly what I am thinking. Some time ago, I saw a Kelly in BJ epsom and I really didn't like the combination of the two. Looked like fake plastic to me (sorry, I don't mean to hurt your feelings) I believe raisin is discontinued and BJ will always be here as it is one of their classic colors. That alone would make the decision for me.


Aug 23, 2006
This is a tough one, if you're not crazy in love with either...sell them both and get 1 you ADORE, while using the leftover cash towards bills.
I'm with Japster, sell both and get something that makes your heart sing and which you will never think of selling ever


Feb 9, 2006
I think which one you sell has to be your personal choice: I can say that I don't like Epsom or BJ, so I would sell that one... But what I really think you should do is sell it yourself and not through a reseller...I'm no sales expert, but I've sold some of my bags on ebay, without any trouble; at least you get the whole amount, even though paypal fees are high you'd always get more than through a reseller....JMHO


Aug 1, 2006
A re-seller I have personally dealt with who pays upfront is Encore of La Jolla, CA (858) 454-7540. I have been very happy with them. They deal in high end designer apparel and accessories.


May 3, 2006
Reasons in favor of the Blue Jean:
1) Blue Jean is sooooooo Hermes
2) Blue Jean is tremendously versatile, it practically matches ANY style and colour you wear. Plus, it's a summer/winter colour.
3) For me, Epsom is a great choice for the big Hermes bags because it's light - we're talking about a 35 here, and with a heavier leather + hardware it's already a lot to carry, even when it's empty - imagine full!!! No wonder Jane Birkin got tenonditis! Spare yourself! ;)

Reasons against the Blue Jean:
1) Easy to find/easier than Raisin (??) (I'm not sure I share that view)
2) Not liking Epsom leather (I don't share this view at all - Epsom is among my favorite ones - it's light, it's extra durable, it looks more refined than other "thicker looking" leathers and it shows the hermes colours exceptionally well)

Reasons in favor of the Raisin:
1) Magnificent colour, surprisingly very versatile as well
2) Does not get dirty

Reasons against the Raisin:
1) In my opinion, it's a very "winter-y" colour.
2) I don't like very much clemence in general
3) I don't like at all clemence in big Hermes items - it makes them look bulky

My personal opinion favors keeping the Blue Jean Epsom.
Jun 27, 2006
hmmm.....why not try to sell off other things??!! heheh i would do whatever to try to keep those 2 bags!! tough decision to part with one. both are fabulous colors!


Mar 14, 2006
I love them both but if I had to pick one, I would toss the blue jean epsom. Blue jean comes by fairly easy and I don't really like the epsom leather very much (except in small accessories). I also think it would also be easier to sell, since the color is highly sought after.
Jul 9, 2006
I think the raisin is a beautiful, rich color also but, maybe, you don't really want either so should sell both and get a bright colored Kelly eventually...it's a tough choice I'm sure....