Which would you choose to lose?

  1. So...nothing like the holidays to give you a little "over indulging" guilt...so now it comes time to get rid of one of my birkins...sigh.

    Which would you choose to part with - Blue Jean Epsom 35 with palladium or Raisin 35 Clemence with palladium - both are brand spanking new never been used!

    I am also thinking about using a reseller - and have done some selling with Jemznjewels - she is great but I need $$ now (those holiday bills coming!) - any recommendations on other resellers who pay upfront?

    Thanks ladies for your support - there is nothing harder than the reality of the credit card bill!
  2. Hmmmmm I totally understand!! What color is more "you"? Which leather do you prefer? I don't have any suggestions on resellers who do pay up front though, sorry -- good luck to you and be proud of realizing and working to fix this....I'm currently trying to only buy one when I sell one...
  3. Try selling them yourself. It's a little work but no one gets credit for your stuff but you.
  4. I would love to sell them myself - but really don't trust eBay - too much hassle with buyer & I always worry about non paying bidders plus the fees are high.

    The Blue Jean is pretty amazing...and classic for Hermes - so that will probably be my keeper - but the Raisin is SOOO versitile - it is super dark and works great instead of traditional black...aghhh!
  5. I'm thinking you should keep the Blue Jean too! I love the color and it looks great wearing black. I'm not that crazy for clemence because the bag looks sloppy after awhile, but then again, you might love the leather for a more casual appearance.
  6. Am partial to raisin...tough choice...
  7. It's like six of one, half dozen of another...they are probably both gorgeous!
    What is your wardrobe like?
  8. Mostly neutrals - but I am blonde with blue eyes - so I lean toward the Blue Jean...sigh - gotta sell - gotta sell something!
  9. Keep the Blue Jean!:love:
  10. I would say sell the Epsom, to me personally it is the 'lesser' of the two leathers.
    Plus the BJ will be the easier and quicker one to sell (yourself) because everybody's crazy for that colour.
  11. you're probably right about the BJ...but I have waited so long to get that color!! Hmmm...I have contacted a couple of resellers - so we'll see what happens.
  12. Keep the raisin...more versatile. It is darker and will work with so many colors. It is also a lovely leather and combination. I also feel the BJ will sell pretty quick for you. It is a popular color now.

    Good luck to you.
  13. That's tough because BJ and raisin are two of my favorite colors. If it were me, I'd keep the raisin and get BJ in a different bag maybe. I just love the Birkin in raisin. :love: And Clemence is my fav leather. But you have to keep the one in your heart you can't live without!!! Good luck!
  14. What do you ladies think of the eBay route?

  15. Hi,

    I believe Hermes Birkin 35 is SO hard to come by and I feel that It's a "Journey" to get one of those. Do you have ANY bags or accesories other than Hermes to sell?? Like Chanels, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or YSL? If you have Balenciaga bags..they are pretty much an easy seller on eBay.

    I suggest KEEP all the Hermes BJ and Raisin 35 and sell other Luxury brand items you might have. I sold my non Hermes Items (Combination of LV and Balenciaga..and more in 2007) and have more than enough $$$ to purchase a Rouge Garance Evelyn GM yesterday in cold hard cash!!...and halfway through my HAC 36 or Birkin 35 on list for 2007.

    I myself is having a personal "Journey" in getting my HAC or Birkin..Im not there yet....but my wonderful SA hinted to me that It's "coming"

    Again...KEEP BOTH...Sell your other items instead...or get a loan, consolidate or if your working, work extra hours or days to pay it off.