which would you choose the mirage speedy, the mahima, the trevi, or le'Ingineaux


which would you choose

  1. mirage speedy

  2. mahima

  3. trevi

  4. le'Ingineaux

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  1. So what do you think, i have four options but only enough for one bag. Which would you choose a mirage speedy, mahima, trevi, or le'Ingineaux.
  2. I would personally get the L'ingeneux. Suhali is amazing!

    I have a feeling that Mirage is going to win though because most members would say that since it's LE you should get that first...unfortunately I don't like the Mirage Speedy so I'd have to disagree!

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I'm tied between the Trevi and L'Ingenieux. I like structured bags. I'm also a shoulder-bag gal at heart.
  4. I like the smooshyness of the Mahina.
  5. I think Trevi is multipurpose .. So i choose that..
  6. Since I have a Mirage... I guess what I prefer is obvious~ ^ ^V
  7. vote goes for the mahina first than suhali...
  8. ^^ I agree Mahina then Suhali:heart:
  9. Mirage Speedy. I am collecting mine this evening! :yahoo:
  10. I'm in love with Manhia the most atm... good luck with the decision!
  11. Just like john :smile: I've fallen in love with the mahina too :smile: Wish you luck!!
  12. I am not a fan of slouchy bags; however, I fell in love the Mahina!
  13. They're all so different. The mahina is slouchy & delicious, the colors & mirage effect of the Speedy are really great IRL, the Trevi is cute, too. If I had to choose, I would go with a combo of which look I loved the most + schlep factor (I like not to have to fuss with my bags when I'm out & about).
  14. I have the mirage as well, and I LoVe it.... but if depends on what you are looking for in a bag. Everyday... every now and again... As Karman said, the mirage is LE so if you have the chance you should get one if you want it, but ANYTHING suhali is gorgeous... but then again the Trevi is a GREAT everyday bag... Well all that being said, I guess I am not much help huh?!
  15. ok here's the run down

    MAHINA: dont really like bags that are not structured but the mahina really surprised me, i love it. problem is i wish it came in a L the XL seems a bit much for me. plus i think i'll be over it in like six months its so trendy and i want an investment bag.

    MIRAGE: actually got this one last week but am contimplating returning it. i really expected the degrading look to be more prominant. it is on the bordeaux color but not in the nior:crybaby:. overall still a killer bag and i need another black bag so i can give my mizi vienna a rest(sadly she's in need of some chill time).

    TREVI: this bag rocks, even love the pleating but i'm still not sure if i want the pm or gm( pm may be a bit small for my 5'10 frame). secondly i dont like the long handles on the trevi its weird they're too short to wear as a shoulder bag and too long to comfortably wear as a handheld.

    LE'INGINEAUX: love it because i'ts a beauty and i think its a bag i can go the distance with but its just not as fashion foward as some of the other bags on my list. i showed my bf all of my possibliities and he gave me one of these faces :hrmm: when he saw le' ingineaux and then high tailed it back over to the other bags.

    so what to do decisions, decisions?