which would you choose? Sable or Choc paddy?


Which paddy? Sable or Chocolate?

  1. Sable paddy (beige w pinkish undertones)

  2. Choco paddy (choc brown)

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  1. i've attached pics to help you visualise... (my sable, and choc of theITbag's)

    this is for an everyday and going out bag.. my wardrobe is either baby pinks/tangerines, black, or black/red

    i can only have one paddy right now, so both is not an option (pityy).
    thanks for your opinions! =)
    choco.jpg 21-04-06_1255_70.jpg
  2. It could go either way-if your wardrobe is more summer/spring, bright colors, versus fall colors, blacks, orange,browns,reds. To me it would be what the majority of my wardrobe dictates.
  3. ^^^ I agree, either color would go very well with your wardrobe. What a tough choice! I have a choco, and I use it all of the time. It goes with everything! But the Sable color is rare, and very hard to find. And yours is a really nice one! But personally I would be afraid of getting it dirty so I might not use it as much. Do you carry the Sable one a lot? If you do, I would probably keep the Sable one because you could probably easily find a Choco one later...(but it also looks SO good in your pic) Sorry, I'm not much help!
  4. Argh, this is too hard to vote on.. Ok, ordinarily I would pick the Choc over just about any colour (exept whiskey, hehe). But your Sable looks so pretty! And you already have it in your hands. If you were choosing to get one or the other, I'd say go for Choco. Since the sable is yours, keep her instead. It's tough market out there for paddies right now anyway so it would be hard if you wanted to sell yours and replace it with the choco.
  5. I'm a huge fan of the chocolate so I voted for that. The sable is pretty too though. Good luck deciding!
  6. I think the choc would work better with your wardrobe actually, but I agree the sable is gorgeous.
  7. They're both great colors so it's hard to choose. But i'd have to vote for the choco since I love mine dearly:love:
  8. hmm.. so, i think.. while the choc is def more practical and versatile in looks and function, the sable is just too pretty.. so that's my decision in the end =)
    thanks for your input lovelies!
  9. Sable! That colour is so unique.
  10. Hellooholly clear you message box.. it's full..!!