Which would you choose? Nacre RGGH or BDR RH (both City's)

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Nacre RGGH or Bois De Rose RH?

  1. Nacre RGGH City

  2. Bois De Rose RH City

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So, which has the better leather out of Nacre & BDR?

    I really want something like my old 05 Calcaire (which has unfortunately yellowed).

    Which is closer to Calcaire? Nacre with the RGGH to bring out the pinks...Or straight out, no messing around, BDR with RH?
  2. I voted for Nacre with RGGH, I love that combination!
  3. Nacre with RGGH ! I love how the color changes.
  4. Nacre with RGGH !! :smile:
  5. Definitely nacre RGGH city.. it has less pink tones in it than BDR. It's gorgeous.
  6. nacre rggh! it will be so pretty
  7. another vote for nacre with rggh, only because i prefer bdr with rggh :smile:
  8. If you are looking at hgbags, they also have a nacre gsh which you should consider! Love that combo
  9. Nacre with RGGH, or what about BDR with RGGH??? ;)
  10. Looks like I'm in the minority, I vote for BDR RH.
    I haven't seen a Calcaire IRL, but I think I'd go with the BDR maybe even with GSH to help play down the pink & bring out the white. I think Nacre RGGH maybe still too white. I hope this is making sense :biggrin:
  11. I think I am going for a Nacre RGGH...I think the rose gold will bring out that hint of pink undertone. I do also like the BDR, but it may be a little too pink for what I want to wear it with...A bit matchy matchy pink on pink with the RGGH...Although when I see pics of a BDR RGGH, I really swoon for it xo

    I have been lusting after Jojo's BDR RGGH PT on Bonz and equally torn between Erica's lovely Nacre RGGH's - what is a girl to do?
  12. i'd vote nacre i guess....both are so light but i'm afraid bdr will be prone to fading like the old rose color