Which would you choose? Mini Lin or Cerises Speedy?

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  1. Hi!

    I am trying to decide which to get for my first LV speedy. I want something other than the traditional Mono Speedy. I really like the Mini Lin Speedy and have enough saved to buy this new or I could save more and get the Cerises speedy (pre loved of course). I want something that I can carry every day regardless of what I am wearing.

    Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciate.

    TIA, Michelle.
  2. I love Mini Lin!!
  3. I think Mini Lin would be more suitable for what you want...

    Good luck on your choice!
  4. Mini Lin!!!
  5. Thats a hard one .....I guess if you're going to use it as your only bag i would go with the mini lin. Otherwise, I would have picked the cerises.
  6. Mini Lin
  7. definitely mini lin! .. im not a fan of cerises or any of the other 'cartoony' things on mono
  8. I'd go for min lin. Cerises looks very dated to me and personally I don't fancy the design.
  9. Definitely the Mini Lin!!
  10. Mini lin if it's your every day bag ! :yes:
  11. Mini Lin!!!!!!
  12. For most people, as an everyday bag I would say the Min Lin. BUT...I do know people who would love (and ROCK) the Cerises Speedy as an every day bag. I love this print, but it's not an everyday bag for me. I did buy one for my BF who wears the HECK out of it practically every day.

    If you love this print, and think you'll use it - don't let it pass you by. Ones in good condition are becoming fewer and fewer.
  13. Mini lin is the type of bag that will go with most anything, so it seems like that's the one you want.
  14. Cerises!!!
  15. I just got the Cerises and have to admit it is adorable. I didnt think I was going to like the 25 but I love it for running to the store etc. Its a bit too small to hold all my stuff.

    I think for an everyday bag though you might want the mini lin because if you are hard on bags the cherries will rub off. If it is going to be your every day bag then it might be too much red for you.

    Good Luck!