Which would you choose?? Help please!

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  1. Hello, Dears!

    Which one would you go for in a 30 B?

    Capucine togo w/ PHW or Geranium togo w/ GHW

    Thank you very much for any help! :flowers:
  2. Ooh, that's a tough choice. Usually I would say anything that has GHW so it pops even further but the Capucine is such a striking, vibrant colour whereas Geranium is more coral coloured. My vote is Capucine! It still works with PHW.
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    dear, I remember we chat that you want a red birkin. If geranium is the red you are happy with, then geranium will be the pick.

    Otherwise, if you're not too sure, choosing Capucine is not a losing point too. A vibrant shade that makes one happy upon seeing her.

    Red is a shade that I will only buy if I am 100% satisfied that this is the right shade of red. There are a plenty of red shades with few reds that makes one heart's sing.
  4. Completely agree. I would only get a red that I 100% love, but for me geranium is one that I would! :heart: It is a tough choice but also personal preference. I wouldn't get capucine b/c I already have an evelyn in that color, so if it were me I'd go for the geranium. But in the end it would depend on you, what you currently own and your wardrobe!
  5. Gosh, you cant go wrong with either really...I do like Geranium, but it is a bit more muted in my opinion than RC (my preferred "this season" red). However, the GHW will pick up the more orangey tinge that Geranium has anyway so I think this would be a gorgeous combination. I would say Capucine if in GHW but in this case...Geranium. HOWEVER, also keep in mind...how does the COLOR LOOK ON YOU!!! I have found some shades I adore, just dont look as good with my coloring...You have fabulous taste anyway, so I am sure you will go for the right one....
  6. I would've gone for Capucine if it was in GHW. For me, I'd be wishing that it's with GHW even after I got Capucine PHW.
    So have to go with the Geranium. It's a very nice colour too.
  7. Yikes! Tough decision!!! I personally LOVE capucine, but I feel like capucine looks best with ghw. I am ok with geranium, but the ghw would definitely make the color pop more.

    Is there any way where you can wait for a capucine with ghw? But if you seriously have to choose, I'd say capucine with phw! Capucine is such a strikingly beautiful color.
  8. I don't think you can go wrong here, I like both colors. If I had to pick one, I would go for Geranium because it's more muted than Capucine, which would work better for me. While I like Capucine as well, I think it would be a tad too bright for me. Also, I like Capucine better with ghw.
    Good luck with your decision :smile:!
  9. Yikes! This is a dilemma. If geranium is the "right" red for you, I would pick that.
  10. Geranium (biased because I have one in a 35!)
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    Echoing the other.. I'll pick Geranium since it comes with GHW. If the Capucine comes in GHW as well i'll pick Capucine in a heartbeat since Calucine is such an intense and striking color!
    Geranium falls in the red family while Capucine (in my eyes) belongs to the orange family.
    Both are really nice color though.. And honestly... You cant go wrong with either.. Geranium happen to be my fav shade of red, though it seems that Geranium is over shadowed by RC.
    Geranium is not as bright as RC but not as muted as Rubis in swift.. I love it!
  12. I'm leaning towards Geranium! It's a nice red and personally I feel it will go with all kinds of outfits!
  13. I would prefer the Capucine togo w/ PHW
  14. Depends on what colour you really want. Cappucine is orange and Geranium is red. Cappucine is loud and striking wheras Geranium is more muted. I prefer Geranium and I have one.
  15. One vote for Geranium. It is a chameleon like Capucine, but more on the red side.