Which would you choose ??? Galliera GM or Tivoli PM ??

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Galliera GM or Tivoli GM ???

  1. Galliera GM

  2. Tivoli GM

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  1. I'm torn between these 2 bags....I'm worried about the Tivoli's sagging bottom but also about the Galliera and how it fits....please help with suggestions!! TIA !!
  2. They are both really nice bags, but I like the Galliera more!
  3. I would get the Galliera. I have the Tivoli GM and while I love it, the Galliera would've suited me better as it has a single strap and would sit on the shoulder better. Tivoli slips off my shoulder now and then, plus if you don't have much in it - it will sag a fair bit and loses some of it's shape.
  4. ^^^^
    Thanks for your opinion, slayer !! It really helps when you describe it like that....
  5. Galliera GM is HUGE... I think I will choose Tivoli GM :yes:, otherwise, try Galliera PM ;)
  6. Well you stated Tivoli PM and to compare it with Galliera GM, it's mighty different in size. The Tivoli PM is cute but more of a handheld bag unless you have skinny arms.

    The Tivoli GM is better in comparison with the Galliera PM, I say go for the Tivoli GM if you're concerned about the closure (zip), Galliera (magnetic). I heard that a lot of people are troubled by the magnetic closure not aligned properly when things are put in the bag. But if it doesn't bother you, why not?

    The Galliera GM on the other hand is huuuugeeeeee!
  7. Tivoli PM definitely, its beautiful. :tup:
  8. I like the looks of the Tivoli better.
  9. I would pick the Galliera GM as i think it is a much user friendly bag
  10. Tivoli!!!! I like the zipper. I have been reading how the snap on the Galliera GM is not lining up
  11. Tivoli PM
  12. Both are great! have to try them on.
  13. I would get the galliera pm, galliera gm is too big for me.
  14. I have the Tivoli Gm, and yes it does sag. But if I balance out my stuff within my bag it does not sag. Personally I would not get the Galliera because of the snap closure.

  15. Couldnt agree any better.